Touching the Hearts Of Africa through CHRIST

IMG_3013It is been two months now in Uganda…. exciting, thrilling experience, adventurous journey with God.  God has been so faithful and we could feel the presence of God where ever we went. Been with different people and different culture made our Outreach more challenging. We are happy that we could reach out to the people who were completely broken and facing different challenges and God used our team to minister to them and we could see the transformation happening in their life. The most challenging part of our outreach was getting used to the things we never came across in our life before but we saw God’s hand upon all of us when we where struggling to get through all the problems.

We as a team, we are so happy that all of our ministry was open and God was using each one of us so powerfully. We saw people getting healed, demons leaving the body etc… and the best part of our team is  that, each one of us have different gifting from God.

DSC_0042Sajan Chacko : Team leader and a powerful teacher. He is gifted with deliverance ministry and Impartation of Holy Spirit.

Girish Babu : A powerful Preacher who is gifted with deliverance and healing ministry and who is also a Prophet.

Aji Mathew : A good speaker and a moral example as a good Christian.

Jino Varghese and Princy Jino : An excellent Evangelist and a Powerful Preacher who has a burden for Muslims. And Princy who is a very good Teacher and who is gifted with Prophecy and counselling ministry.

Liju Gigi : An excellent  Worship leader who is gifted with a beautiful voice. God uses his voice to change peoples heart.

Stephen Johnson :  A very good Worship leader and a Powerful preacher who is gifted with deliverance and healing ministry.

So, we are so happy to have the perfect team with different gifting and God has been using each one of us so powerfully. And this outreach has been the best part of our DTS. We learned alot of things good and bad from this trip and we are so thankful for YWAM KOCHI for giving us this opportunity to reach out the people living in Africa.

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  • Thank you guys for touching the heart of Ugandans. We enjoyed and blessed by your work. May God bless you where ever you go…

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