DTS July

Sunday, April 20th, 2014


Welcome to Nations2Nations (N2N)

N2N DTS is an International Movement of YWAM, which seeking to restore the Identity, Dignity and Destiny of all the People, Tribe and Nations, through Christ.

In this N2N DTS, you will get a taste of what is written in Rev 7:9, people from many nations, different culture and tribe will gather in to worship, pray and dance together to celebrate and honor God.

Identity should be grounded in the image of the creator God, no individual, people, culture or nation can come to peace with itself until its met its creator. God has created all of us unique and different. In the very identity of a humanity created in the image of a loving God, is where we need to always begin our journey of existence, and the journey of embracing our large and diverse family.

Dignity is essential to relationship, with one self and one another. Restoring our dignity does not allow to strengthen our purpose and relationships, it also nurtures the championing of one another to see Gods best in each one of us. It triggers dialogues that seek to understand and embrace. Diversity and unity is only possible when we see each other through the Creators eyes.

Destiny is where we head in life. It’s not just about having any destiny but one that truly is worthy and true. God destined us all to be with Him; here on earth we get to practice what we will be in eternity, one kingdom made of many nations, people and languages. To go to the Nations and proclaim freedom and restoration is our destiny until we meet Him face to face. We are each other’s inheritance.

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Friday, April 11th, 2014


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Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

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